V2 Releasing soon!

Smaller and ready for action

What's new

  • With body dimensions of 37x90x26.5mm, V2 is almost 60% smaller than V1
  • The low profile (height of 26.5mm) makes it possible to use most optics without the need to mount them on top of the counter. Mouting your optis on the weapon rail makes the weapon profile smaller, and looks better
  • Can be comfortably mounted in any orientation, including on the side or upside-down. Image can be rotated by multiples of 90 degrees.
  • Completely redesigned enclosure makes it possible to use better, more professional manufacturing technologies, making the device more durable, and have better surface finish
  • Improved firmware can handle larger ammo counts and supports more customization options

And of course, all the features V1 had!

All this for a starting price of $150 (~135€) (?) Price for self-assembly standard kit excl. shipping.Why is this more expensive than V1? In order to be able to produce these in better quality and larger quantities, I had to increase the price.

Release planned at early November 2018

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